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reading practice done well

Sortegories provides practice designed to  accelerate learning to read. How? Sortegories uses proven principles based on the science of how we learn to read. Web-based interactive activities makes it simple to practice essential literacy skills and concepts anytime, anywhere – at school, at home, even in the car.


Sortegories features nine web-based practice activities from sound to syntax. Level and Level activities target essential literacy skills. Multiple layers of word knowledge –the Sortegories Word Knowledge Network – weave phonemic, phonological, semantic, morphological and syntactic elements together to achieve mastery for automaticity. Sortegories is prescriptive. Students can practice as many times as necessary using the built-in help. Students don’t need to wait for adult assistance to continue to practice thanks to the Sortegories support.


Sortegories is available for use everywhere: Schools, Home, Tutoring, Home School, Summer School


Sortegories is for students who need practice with phonemic awareness and phonics, vocabulary (word meaning), and syntax (phrase building and sentence fluency) to become fluent readers and comprehenders. Sortegories is right for emergent and advanced readers in all tiers of instruction and intervention. For example, consider Sortegories for advanced preschoolers, Tier 1 for Kindergarten and first grade, Tier 2 for 2nd and 3rd grade, Tier 3 for older readers.


Sortegories brings the Science of Reading to schools and homes. Sortegories is an educative tool providing scaffolding for teachers who are learning reading science, as well as students who may need additional help. Explicit instructions are followed by an example which allows teachers to follow an I DO, We Do, You Do progression.  Each activity includes instructional and motivational feedback, error corrections, audio support, glossaries for target words and hints for advanced learners. Sortegories users have the option to repeat decoding, vocabulary and syntax activities for additional practice.