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Level B

Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency builds upon skills developed in Phrase Building in Level A and Grammar Sort in Level B. The use of these cumulative skills—identifying the meaning of a phrase and identifying nouns that name people, places and things–contribute to fluency and comprehension.

Learn more about Sentence Fluency Level B below!


Play the Sentence Fluency, Level B demo >>>

Level B

digging deeper

In part 1, users identify the meaning of a word or phrase within a sentence.

The user clicks on the underlined word or phrase to indicate the answer to the targeted question.

The “help” information provides an audio and visual explanation of each question.

In part 2, users identify the topic of decodable non-fiction text. Identifying the topic requires determining the “who” or “what” the text is about.

Users read the three decodable sentences and identify the word or phrase that tells what all three sentences are about.

The “help” explains how to identify the topic.

The topic is the repeated noun – person, place or thing—that the sentences are about. The word they also refers to the noun nests.

A printable screen displays performance for both parts of Sentence Fluency.

 In this snapshot, the pattern of errors suggests the user may not understand adverb phrases answering when or where.  After more instruction, users can repeat the activity.