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background info

Authors Sheryl Ferlito and Nancy Chapel Eberhardt joined forces to create Sortegories while working together on the development team for LANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literacy Intervention 3rd Edition by Jane Fell Greene. They brought to the project their previous publications—Sort It! (Sheryl) and Categories! (Nancy), hence the name Sortegories! Together they combined and expanded their individual publications to provide practice in all layers of word knowledge—phonemic, phonological, morphological, semantic, and grammatical.  Today, Sortegories 3.0 has the same goal, a new look, and alignment with the Science of Reading.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to accelerate literacy learning by providing systematic and explicit practice from sound to text.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a web-based product aligned with the Science of Reading for teachers, parents and tutors to close the practice gap.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate educational equity through literacy.


the visionaries

Sheryl Ferlito

Sheryl Ferlito, Ed.S., is a Special Education Literacy and Intervention Supervisor at Chippewa Valley Schools in Macomb County, Michigan. She has taught special education grades K-12, co-facilitated the Macomb Dyslexia Network providing professional development and support for teachers and administrators. Sheryl is currently a member of Connect Macomb Chamber of Commerce. Sheryl is the co-author of Sortegories 3.0, a web-based app that provides reading practice from sound to syntax. She was a contributing writer for LANGUAGE! 3RD Edition with Nancy Chapel Eberhardt and contributing developer for LANGUAGE! Live with Dr. Louisa Cook Moats. You can follow Sheryl on Twitter @ Sheryl_ferlito

Nancy Chapel Eberhardt

Nancy Chapel Eberhardt is currently an educational consultant and author. She has experience as a special education teacher, administrator, and professional development provider. Nancy contributed as author and co-author with Jane Fell Greene to the development of the literacy intervention curriculum LANGUAGE!: The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions). More recently, she co-authored the Literacy How Professional Learning series with Margie Gillis. She is the co-author of Sortegories 3.0, a web-based app designed to provide practice for multi-components of literacy learning. She serves as a member of the International Dyslexia Association’s Perspectives on Language and Literacy editorial board and is a board member of The Reading League Connecticut chapter.