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Level A

Categorize It

In Categorize It, users sort words into categories based on their meaning. Categorization is the basis for many skills including building meaning networks and identifying the main idea.

A short instructional video on how to play Categorize It, module 1


Play the Categorize It, module 6 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

Often the category names aren’t decodable based on the scope and sequence. Users can click the audio icons to hear the category name. 

In contrast, the words to sort, such as “bat,” are decodable based on the scope and sequence.

Categorize It | Sorting Decodable Word

A glossary provides support to learn word meanings. Many words in English—even little words—have multiple meanings. The glossary clarifies the meaning intended for the sort.

Categorize It | Glossary

At any time, users can click on the glossary to see an image and hear the definition of the words used in the sort.

A glossary of all of the words in Categorize It Level A are available to teachers to use for instruction. Words are organized by module. 

Teachers can select the word from the menu to see and image and listen to a definition. This feature makes is possible to preview the meaning of words with users before doing the activity.


Categorize It | Glossary Preview

A printable screen provides a record of users performance.

Errors can indicate words that may be confusing.

Categorize It | Glossary Preview