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Level A

Map It

Map It focuses on the segmentation, deletion, and substitution of phonemes in words.  The ability to manipulate phonemes in words is an essential skill to read and spell accurately and automatically.

A short instructional video on how to play Map It, module 1


Play the Map It, module 4 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

In the first task of Map It, users identify each sound in the word by clicking a box to represent a sound. Segmenting sounds in a spoken word is particularly important to spell words.

Here the user hears a spoken word “bat“ and clicks a box for each sound.

Then Sortegories shows the letter or letters that spell each sound. The red box indicates the vowel sound.

Map It | Segmentation

In the second task, users change a word by clicking on a box to “remove” a sound. Deleting sounds is another essential phoneme manipulation skill.

Map It | Deletion

First, the user segments a word. In this case “fat” and then sees the letters that represent the sounds.

Then users are asked to change the word by removing—or deleting—a sound. In this case, change “fat” to “at.” Users click on the box to remove the deleted sound.

In the third task, users begin by segmenting a spoken word.

Then they click on a box to add or change one sound to create the new spoken word. In this case, they change from “fat” to “cat.”

Map It | Manipulation

In Sortegories, users segment the sounds in words even if they haven’t learned all of the sound-to-spelling associations. These words are heart words.

Sounds that users don’t know yet are marked with a “heart.” In this example, the /th/ in “that” will be learned later. The letters th have a yellow heart.

Map It | Manipulation