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Level B

Sound Match

Level B Sound Match focuses on sound-to-spelling associations.

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Level B

digging deeper

In the first match, users identify where a sound is the same in two spoken words. Awareness of the position of a sound in a word or syllable provides useful information to inform pronunciation of vowel sounds in syllables and the spelling of certain sounds. For example, /k/ at the end of a one-syllable word after a short vowel is spelled -ck as in back.


The first “match” focuses on the position of the same sound in two spoken words. The user hears two spoken words “wet” and “men” and identifies the position of the same sound in the two words.


The second “match” is between the spoken phoneme and the letter or letters that are used to spell the sound

In this task, the user hears a spoken sound / ĕ / and selects the letter that spells the sound.

Embedded visual vowel mnemonics help users associate the vowel sound with the letter that spells the sound.

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