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what educators are saying

I like how each of the three rows of Sortegories represent some aspect of language – sound/ spelling correspondences, meaning, and syntax. The activities reinforce students growing understanding of the layers of language that are inherent in words and sentences. This opportunity to build depth of word knowledge will improve fluency and ultimately improve comprehension.
Dale W. Webster, Ph.D
Vice President of Language & Literacy | CORE, Inc.
My grandson is loving Sortegories! His teacher is letting him do Sortegories at home instead of homework. Sortegories is helping him with sound-symbol discrimination. His teacher is hoping that Sortegoies can help others in his class
Donna Lutz
Around Grandma and Retired National Literacy Expert
Loved introducing and learning from @NancyEberhardt9 @sheryl_ferlito and @JenniferFerlito on the value of practice and automaticity @Learning_Ally #SPOD22 ! @Sortegories is a game changer! #PracticeMakesProgress
Tiffany Dudley
2020-2021 Teacher of the Year
Sortegories is brilliant and a gift to the field. I cannot wait to share it with others. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dr. Pam Kastner
State Lead for Literacy at PaTTAN
The two of you have done a masterful job creating a needed resource that is fun and engaging. I appreciate all of the energy and effort that goes into creating a meaningful resource for teachers and students- Congrats!!!! Clear directions, graphics, animations, sounds and change in voice are well done and support engagement. Glossary, help, examples, immediate feedback, results etc. are meaningful features and support learning.
Nancy Hennessy
Author | Reading Comprehension Blueprint
Sortegories is such an incredibly well thought out program with kids in mind. My first graders cheer when it appears on the white board. Teaching writing on the sentence level has always been one of my biggest challenge. This is literally the first product that does just that. Sortegories teaches all strands of the rope from the bottom up.
Virginia Quinn-Mooney
Teacher, Leader / Trainer
I love how Sortegories encompasses all parts of the reading/ language experience. I love the addition of heart words. I also love how the help/ hints and glossary serve as an instructional manual for the student and adult! Sortegories is a quality product written by authors who understand the science of reading. I am a former administrator of high needs schools. Sortegories would have been a gamechanger for my teachers and students! Sortegories is a gamechanger for my grandkids! If we had Sortegories, the school I had the privilege of leading would have saved a lot of money person-power and the purchase of multiple reading intervention programs. Sortegories will help teachers with very little background in the Science of Reading with a blueprint for teaching reading at the early literacy stages. It lays a framework for scope and sequence as well as a procedure for teaching decoding and language comprehension components of literacy. Bravo to Sheryl and Nancy for creating this program. Your impact on the success of children is now spreading nationwide to children who will greatly benefit from your expertise.
Patti Book
Retired Administrator
I wanted to let you know the student LOVES Sortegories!! He was so happy to feed the dogs! It was a game-changer for both him and the teacher because he was so motivated!! Sortegories is wonderful! All of the modules targeted reading development that my student needs. Thank you! Today was a WIN!
Amy Geary
Reading Consultant
Sometimes we as adults forget how much fun learning is. I’ve watched children who are learning to read play Sortegories activities. The children think carefully about their answers and beam with delight when they are right. Sortegories is strong practice children can do on their own with a computer or tablet to reinforce early reading skills. Kindergarten and first grade classroom teachers and interventionists will find good use for Levels A and B.
Linda Farrell
Readsters Special Video Series