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Level A

Phrase Building

In Phrase Building, the user arranges decodable words into phrase and then determines their functional meaning. Phrase building is a building block for sentence development in writing and prosody in reading.

A short instructional video on how to play Phrase Building, module 1


Play the Phrase Building, module 6 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

In part 1, users listen to a phrase – “the bat”—and then build the phrase from an array of decodable words.

For example, the spoken phrase is “the bat.” The user drags and drops words from the array to build the phrase the bat.

Phrase Building

In part 2, users determine the meaning of the phrase as used in a spoken sentence.

Phrase Building |Meaning of the Phrase

For example, what is the meaning of the bat in the following sentence: “The bat flew out of the cave.” The phrase the bat answers “What did it?”

Help information provides support to learn the meaning of the questions. Understanding the meaning of phrases contributes to prosody and comprehension.

At any time, users can click the help “?” to hear an explanation and see an animated example for each question.

Phrase Building | Help Screen

A printable screen displays performance for both parts of Phrase Building.

Results can show a pattern of understanding. In this snapshot, the pattern suggests the user may not understand the questions “Who did it?” and “Did what?” Following instruction, users can repeat the activity to improve their performance.

Correct Answer Feedback