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Level B

Build It

Build It focuses on word chaining and sound blending. These skills connect phonemic awareness to phonics.

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Level B

digging deeper

In part one of Build It, the user builds a series of words by changing a single sound in a word. This process is referred to as chaining.

The user listens to a sequence of sounds–/m/ /a/ /t/–and builds the word using the tiles.

The next word is built based on a single sound change.

In the second part of Build It, the user listens to a series of sounds and blends them to identify the written representation of the sounds

Build It | Timed Activity

Users listen to, repeat, and blend the sounds to create a word. Then they select the blended word from the choice of word tiles.

This is a timed activity to encourage both accuracy and automaticity.

Users have two tries to select the correct word. Sortegories indicates the correct answer in green.  

The printable results screen shows accuracy and automaticity.

Build It | Feedback