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Level B

Build It

In Level B, users progress from building and blending words with sound-to-spelling associations to building and blending with syllables. The focus on syllables is designed to help users transition to read longer words.

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Level B

digging deeper

In part one of Build It, the user builds a series of words by changing one syllable. This process is referred to as chaining.

The user listens to a sequence of syllables–/in/ dex//ing/ –and builds the word using the tiles. The next word is built based on a single syllable change. In this case, changing indexing to inspecting.

In the second part of Build It, the user listens to a sequence of syllables and blends them into a multi-syllable word.

Users listen to, repeat, and blend the syllables – /con/ /test/ – to create a word. Then they select the blended word from the choice of word tiles.


An extensive help menu provides cumulative information about the vowel sounds, including the most frequent vowel sound in English, the schwa.

Another part of the help menu – What is a syllable? – explains the relationship between vowel spellings and the number of syllables in a word. Color-coding and animation help show how identifying vowel spellings relates to the number of syllables in a word.


A printable result screen shows user performance on both parts of Build It.

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