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Level B

Analogy Building

In Analogy Building, users figure out a missing word in a sentence — an analogy — by using knowledge of word relationships, classification, and more. This higher order thinking skill develops comprehension skills along with accurate decoding.

A short instructional video on how to play Analogy Building, Level B


Play the Analogy Building, Level B demo >>>

Level B

digging deeper

An analogy is a kind of comparison. The objective in Analogy Building is to complete the comparison, a type of word puzzle.

Analogy Building | Hint

The user listens to the analogy, reads the four answer options, and drags the word to the space to complete the sentence. Audio support is provided for all text that isn’t decodable. Word choices for the response are decodable based on the phonic scope and sequence used in Sortegories.

A hint is available at the “?” Click it to get a clue about the comparison.

After selecting and submitting the word to complete the analogy, the user listens to the completed analogy.

An image provides visual support for the correct answer.

The analogies provide practice with a variety of word relationships such as part/whole, cause/effect, and antonyms. These thinking skills support the development of listening and reading comprehension.

This results screen shows the types of comparisons in Analogy Building.

Analogy Building | Correct Answer Feedback