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Level A

Morph Sort

In Morph Sort, the learner uses knowledge of morphemes, such as -ed, -ing, and pre-, to sort words. This activity draws attention to the impact of morphemes on word meaning. Reading morphemes accurately is important for comprehension.

A short instructional video on how to play Morph Sort, module 1


Play the Morph Sort, module 3 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

Users sort words into categories based on meaning of the ending used on the words. In Level A, the morpheme units are called inflectional endings. They indicate number (-s), possession (‘s), or time (-ed, -ing). 

An audio icon is available so that users can listen to the category names. As each word appears, users drag the word into the correct category.

Morph Sort | Audio Icon

The help information explains the category concepts. Users can refer to the help before, during or after attempting the sort.

Morph Sort | Help

In Morph Sort, explanations and images help users understand the meaning of the morphemes used in the sort. Watch the videos to see the help for Modules 1 and 3. The help changes as the content changes from module to module.

Words in blue are correct. Words in red are not correct. User can “Try again” to move incorrect words to the correct categories.

Users receive immediate feedback that supports learning.

Morph Sort | Correct Answer Feedback