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Level A

Analogy Building

In Analogy Building users figure out a missing word in a sentence–an analogy–by using knowledge of word relationships, classification, and more. This higher order thinking skill develops comprehension skills along with accurate decoding.

A short instructional video on how to play Analogy Building, module 1


Play the Analogy Building, module 4 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

An analogy is a kind of comparison. The objective in Analogy Building is to complete the comparison, a type of word puzzle.

The user listens to an analogy, reads the four answer options, and drags the word to the space to complete the sentence. A hint is available at the “?” Click it to get help understanding the comparison. Watch the video (below) to see how the hint is used.

Analogy Building | Hint

After selecting and submitting the word to complete the analogy, the user listens to the completed analogy.

Analogy Building | Visual Support

An image provides visual support for the correct answer.

The analogies provide practice with a variety of word relationships

This results screen shows the types of comparisons in Analogy Building.

Analogy Building | Results Screen