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Level B

Relate It

The purpose of Relate It is to develop depth of word knowledge. To do this, the Relate It activity practices relationships between words such as antonyms (opposites), synonyms (same), and homophones (same sound but different meanings). These relationships help build semantic networks to improve reading comprehension.

A short instructional video on how to play Relate It, Level B


Play the Relate It, Level B demo >>>

Level B

digging deeper

In this task users select a word based on a designated relationship, such as antonyms and synonyms.

In each item, the user listens to a spoken word “small” and identifies the word that conveys the designated relationship – “speck.” The answer options are decodable based on the sound-to-spelling correspondences in the scope and sequence.

A glossary provides support to learn word meanings.

Relate It | Glossary Example

Each word in the glossary has an image and spoken definition to help users determine the designated relationship.  

A printable results screen gives a snapshot of the user’s performance with the activity.

Results can show a pattern of understanding.  In this snapshot, the pattern suggests the user may not understand antonyms and homophones. After more instruction, users can repeat the activity.

Relate It | Results Screen