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Level A

Grammar Sort

Grammar Sort focuses on the function of words. Understanding word functions contributes to sentence-level comprehension. This helps readers figure out the meaning of what they read.

A short instructional video on how to play Grammar Sort, module 1


Play the Grammar Sort, module 5 demo >>>

Level A

digging deeper

Users sort words into categories based on word function – namers, actions, and namers and actions.

Color coding indicates correct (blue) and incorrect (red) answers.

Grammar Sort | Color Coded Feedback

Users can access the help screen by clicking a questions mark on the top right corner of the activity.  The information explains the category concepts. Users can click on the help “?” before, during, or after attempting the sort.

Grammar Sort | Help Screen

Users can listen to the explanations and look at the images to help them understand the category concepts.

The results screen can be helpful for instructional planning.  The pattern of correct and incorrect answers can point to the need for additional instruction.

This results screen suggests work is needed on words that are both namers and actions.  This helps users learn about words with multiple meanings.

Grammar Sort | Results Screen