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what is sortegories

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More on sortegories

fun for them - feedback for you

Sortegories provides activity-specific built-in content help, glossaries, and corrective feedback.  A few features are used in all activities.  These features help to create a fun, interactive experience for the users, while providing valuable feedback for educators.

Giving kids a reason to try is important. As a fun incentive, Sortegories users choose a pet — a dog or a cat — to feed for every correct answer.

Users can feed one pet at a time or all of them at once. Getting answers right means more pets to feed and more fun for the users.

Sortegories users receive ribbons to indicate mastery-level performance: 100% earns a blue ribbon. 90% earns a red ribbon. 80% earns a gold ribbon.


A blue ribbon means 100%.




A printable screen makes it possible to keep a record of performance. 

Notice that this user got all of the answer correct, but had some answers “past time.” This user could do the activity to improve automaticity. Practice makes perfect.